Repair damaged and brittle wires and return lost vitality with external aggressions. Discipline and protects from the heat of the dryer while preventing the appearance of the frizz effect. Immediate reconstruction to restore the strength and strength of the sensitizing capillary fiber. The Formula is composed of amino acids and arginine, which protect from damage caused by free radicals, in addition to avoiding fading. An elaborate system with cationic nanokeratin that penetrates deep in the capillary fiber, promoting reduction of porosity, repair of damaged cuticles and improved resistance. Promotes softness, flexibility and malleability to the wires. Formula enriched with amino acids and differentiated protein that have great affinity with the water, promoting a super hydration. The gel form allows the formation of a concentrated active film that acts more effectively intense.

Step by step

Sprinkle with the Restructuring Mask Fiber Hair S.O.S. Hairmony to damp hair throughout the length, followed by the implementation of the Restructuring Gloss-Fiber-Hair-S. O. S. Hairmony.
After the completion of the process of the Restructuring Mask-Fiber-Hair-S. O. S., Hairmony, to apply to the Restructuring Gloss-Fiber-Hair-S. O. S. Hairmony hair from lengths to the ends, enluvar the wicks, and give it time to break in about 10 minutes. After this, you rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Finish the way you want.

H. Fiber Hair:Argan and Ojon oil, coconut, macadamia, chamomile, almonds

Recovery from damaged Hair, in addition to restoring the wires destructured, dehydrated, brittle, opaque and lifeless.